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Zalkin, a key player in capping technology

Founded in 1932, Zalkin, with a staff of 300 people and 75% of its turnover to exports, produces and sends worldwide some 350 capping machines, either free-standing or turrets to be integrated in monoblocs, for an average speed of 1,200 to 72,000 bottles per hour, every year.

Zalkin has developed a number of innovative systems for a large variety of closures and containers to assist its customers in the food and beverage, water, wine and spirits, chemical, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries. All Zalkin cappers are tailored to the specific demands of the customer in terms of line speed, product (liquid or solid, fragile or aggressive) and caps (metal, plastic or cork mixed with plastic or wood)

Zalkin capping heads, the masterpieces of the machine, fitted with jaws or chucks are known for being the best in the market to seal, screw and push-on cylindrical and shaped closures.

The company also provides decapping machines (with in-line conveyor or parallel infeed and discharge conveyors) as well as a range of ancillary equipment including cap sorters, bucket or blower cap feed elevators, waterfall type elevators and cap conveyors.

45 agents dedicate their efforts to promote Zalkin sales and technical assistance throughout the world. Zalkin has some strong positions in places like France, North America, Germany and UK and is very active in Mexico and in Brazil where branch offices were opened in 2010 and 2012.

Early 2014, Zalkin has integrated the American industrial group, Pro Mach, specialized in the field of packaging, to give a new dimension to the Zalkin company. It will provide the synergies necessary for the expansion of its product range, boost innovation and strengthen its international position.


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  • Free standing sealing capper

    for wine industry

  • Screw capping turret

    with steam injection

  • Free-standing screw capping machine

    for food industry

  • Hysteresis screw capping head

    with jaws

  • In-line quality control system “ZC LINE”

  • Sealing head



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In-line quality control system “ZC LINE”


Never content with resting on its laurels, Zalkin consistently pushes the limits to develop new products and dedicates significant resources to Research and Development to regularly take on new challenges. It has recently designed an In-line quality control system called “ZC LINE” enabling to extend its activities into a neighbouring market sector: the quality control. This modular control machine is to be integrated into bottling lines to simultaneously measure the removal torque (non destructive test), the bottle weight and the pressure level in the bottle (leak test). The “ZC Line” takes the bottles by automated sampling and has an integrated supervision system allowing to automatically issue the analysis of the results and the statistical processing of the measures and to optimize the production costs, via preventive alarms, in case of process drift detection.