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Antoine VINSON

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Parc d'Activités de la Houssoye
rue Ampère
Tel. 03 20 10 50 50
Fax 03 20 35 65 79


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Headoffice :

Parc d'activités de la Houssoye

Rue ampère

F-59930 La Chapelle d'Armentières

Tél. +33 3 20 10 50 50

Fax. +33 3 20 35 65 79




Offices in France (Marseille, Toulouse, Lyon, Bordeaux, Tours, Caen, Lille, Paris, Rouen, Nantes,Metz, Dijon)

Offices in the world : China, Indonesia, Great Britain, Belgium,...



ISO 9001 ; 14 001 ; 18 001
Equipment categories :
Machinery for the paper and board industry / Woodworking machinery / Components and equipment

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DELTA NEU, company dedicated to improving the quality of industrial air, aims to help customers to protect their external and internal environment. Whether to avoid release into the atmosphere of dust and fumes or protect operatives, DELTA NEU fight against pollution.

DELTA NEU has spent decades in developing its expertise in the field of air processing : dust control, ventilation, pneumatic waste handling system, filtration of fine particles, DELTA NEU is a recognized authority against nuisances generated by the operating process.


DELTA NEU has among its largest customers and French and International companies. The company also works in all type of industries.



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  • Dust Control and Centralised Vacuum cleaning Systems

    Experience in all types of dust control (fibrous, non fibrous, sticky, explosive, and hygroscopic): Dust capture, transportation, filtering, recovery and air recirculation.


  • Pneumatic Recyclable Waste handling

    Experience in all types of waste handling (paper, carboard, plastics…): suction of waste, shred, convey, separate, air recycling and filtration.

  • Ventilation and Natural Air Cooling

    Turnkey installations to protect staff and equipment, develop productivity.


  • Particle filtration and ambient air purification

    Filtering of oil, fumes and ambient air purification