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90, rue des Vanesses
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The company headquarters is in Villepinte (93), France. 

28 offices in France including 17 training centres.


A presence on 5 continents with 12 locations outside Europe.

8,000 m2 of laboratories.



ISO 9001 version 2008
Equipment categories :
Welding, brazing, cutting / Measurement & control / Assembly

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The Institut de Soudure group incorporates the Institut de Soudure association and several subsidiaries including the Institut de Soudure Industrie service company.



The Institut de Soudure association serves the welding industry via its technical center, its four technological platforms and its two training schools. Industrial customers and most especially the industrial members of the association, benefit from the resources of this collective structure: its multiple R&D facilities, its document and standards library and monitoring unit.


Institut de Soudure Industrie, is a service company that works with industrial customers, and has the leading experts in materials, assembly technologies, non-destructive testing and inspection. Its vocation is to provide companies throughout the world with the most innovative solutions for their projects, in design, manufacture and maintenance of their welded equipment.


The Group Institut de Soudure is at the service of company through 6 activities :

-       Inspection

-       Testing

-       Expertise

-       Training and certification of personnel

-       Research and education

-     Products certification.



Keys Figures :

-       A turnover of 100 M€ of which 30% from international activities

-     1100 employees. 



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Contributing to the technological development of companies

Institut de Soudure with its 4 platforms, help companies to innovate :


The Joining platform brings together all the means for research and testing in the field of welding: conventional welding machines, equipment for laser, hybrid laser and electron beam welding and for brazing. There is also the Goin centre (Moselle), dedicated entirely to Friction Stir Welding (FSW).

The Mechanical Testing and Corrosion platform offers a range of high-performance equipment including test machines of various capacities. We are able to carry out numerical simulation, to evaluate residual stresses and distorsion induced by welding of materials, joints and equipment.


The NDT platform brings innovative solutions in non-destructive testing and develops techniques suitable for the supervision of in-service facilities.


The Composite platform defines and optimises technologies and processes, from design to implementation.






Providing the best training

With its 17 training centres in France and its teams of peripatetic instructors, Institut de Soudure Industrie is an international leader in continuous professional development in the fields of welding and non destructive testing. Training is offered at all skill levels, from the beginner to the experienced engineer and moreover, includes courses leading to international welding diplomas, as defined by the International Institute of Welding (IIW). Diploma holders can work and be recognized in more than fifty countries.

Institut de Soudure Industrie also offers the certification of personnel via its five examination centres, accredited either by the French Non-Destructive Testing Confederation (Cofrend) for non-destructive testing, or by the French Welding Association (AFS) for welding inspection.