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Savoie Hexapôle
Rue Louis Armand
73420 MERY
Tel. 04 79 61 00 44
Fax 04 79 61 71 00

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Thimon expertise is backed by our comprehensive research and development policy with over 40 years at the service of its customers.

Thanks to our wealth of expertise, the processes, plus contraints of the various industrial and business sectors and our adaptation to the specifics of each one, our product lines and film overcrapping solutions are now unrivalled throughout the world.


Since 1968, Thimon is a family-run business backed bu continuous innovation. Our expertise, complete expertise of overwrapping technologies, coupled with the recognition and loyalty of our customers, have already made us a leading market player the world over...


Our processes: spiral wrapping, full web wrapping, hooding, bundling, conveyors.

We implement solutions for each business sector 



Thimon, 40 years of innovation:

- Motorised pre-stretch wrapping.

- Concertina to protect the load during shrink wrapping.

- 5 sides wrapping machine with a single reel.

- Convertible shrink or stretch hooding machine.

- Test facilities for packaging film.

- COVER-PAL 2000 the market's fastest hooding machine, 250 palets/hour.

- Stretch hooding machine with robot


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  • Stretch Hooding/COMBI-PAL 2000

  • Shrink hooding/COMBI-PAL 2000

  • Sipral wrapping/WRA-PAL SWING

  • Hooding/COVER-PAL 6000 ROBOT

  • Stretch hooding/COVER-PAL 6000

  • Spiral wrapping/WRA-PAL SWING