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Cutting tools / Machine-tool / Components and equipment

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SMP has been created in 1947

only one factory in Bron

CA de 7 M€

35 employees


We design and make  :

- grinding center

- rotary table

- floating chuck


We can make prototypes, single parts, production and inpection fixtures


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  • grinding centers

    compact, accurate and fast, this universal grinding center has a vertical axis tool-holder, making it particulary well adapted for manufacturing and resurfacing special tools

  • floating chuck

    inventor of the floating chuck in 1960. Advantages : higher accuracy, improvement in geometry and surface finishes, improvemed durability of tools, reducd adjustment time

  • worm gears

    SMP has been exclusive seller of worm gears for 30 years - adjustable backlash, high driving torque, for any rotary axis requiring high accuracy and a maximum backlash of a few microns

  • grinding center CA6

    featuring a horizontal axis tool-holder and a large table, the configuration is well adapted for manufacturing medium and long length tools with or without tail-stock also adapted for end-mill resharpning