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Industrial robotics / Woodworking machinery / Assembly

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A company from the automation division of the group HYD&AU, innovative in the fields of engineering and automation, AR TECHMAN designs, manufactures and integrates complete equipments and industrial processes, robotized and including the last technologies, to a variety of industries such as the wood industry, paper industry, material industry etc...
After more than 30 years of development, the solutions offered by a team of experienced and specialized engineers and technicians, allow the company to benefit from a strong recognition from a loyal customer base, mainly composed of industrial activity leaders.


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  • Gluing station, composition and lamination of technical panels

  • Robotic machining cell with 7 axes, with a 7 machining heads changer

  • Automatic shuttle equipped with a conveyor 10 x 4 M, vertical stroke 4 M

  • Handling robot for stainless steel sheets and aluminum sheets

  • Line production and processing of materials

  • Plywood production line