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Founded in the 50’s by two brothers, the company is at first a small family factory of furniture. After 2 years of development, Mr. PARVEAU invents the Alternax three knives mortising machine, which will soon become essential to wooden furniture manufacturers. 

With the passing of the years, a range of machines is developed with the simple tenoning machines, the double-end tenoning machines and the framing machines.


Our job is the design, fabrication and the merchandising of industrial joinery equipment, in the fields of wood, PVC and aluminium.


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  • Mortising machine

  • Double end tenoner

  • Machining center

  • Study of a machine

  • Single end tenoner

  • Machining center for doors

  • Hinge inserting machine

  • Study of a machine

  • Machining center for PVC and aluminium

  • Mounting of machines

  • Machining parts in our factory

  • Quality control

  • Assembling machine with automatic screwing



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Single end tenonner with fast changing tools