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Christian GUILLOU

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1 rue de la Fonderie
Tel. 02 32 97 53 20
Fax 02 32 97 53 29

Equipment categories :
Measurement & control / Additive manufacturing

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Leader in metal additive manufacturing, VOLUM-e supports new product development endeavors from its customers in the most demanding industries : aerospace and space, medical devices, electronics, but also through its parent company MMB, automotive, luxury packaging and jewelry. VOLUM-e makes prototypes qualified production parts with control over the complete value chain (design, CAD, production, post-treatment, tests and controls).

VOLUM-e combines 25 years of group know-how in 3D printing of organic and plastic materials, with 15 years of experience in that of metallic materials. This entity is voluntarily at the forefront of prototyping, through the industries it serves, its competences and its technological advance. And also at the forefront of the ongoing industrial revolution : the direct production of serial parts.

VOLUM-e stands on its own within 3DS Group, where the means and know-how are federated and mutualized. With a staff of 55 people, MMB and VOLUM-e realized a turnover of 6,7 million euros in 2017. Besides acting as reference for models and prototypes, VOLUM-e is positioned as a truly industrial partner that supports its customers from the initial idea to production.


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