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Frédéric EQUOY

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17 impasse Figuière
Tel. 06 08 50 72 32
Fax 04 88 56 24 41

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Based in Marseille, France, our company is specialized in image processing and digital imaging, applied to machine vision solutions for industry.

GipsVision releases image processing software products for vision solutions, and provides service like consulting, development & deployment of machine vision systems on industrial sites worldwide.


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  • Gips4 / Pixy

    Software tools for digital display inspection,

    Leds & Symbols color checking, LCD or TFT testing...

  • Gips4 / Graduel


    Software tools for analog display inspection,

    pointer measurement, alignment checking, etc...

  • Gips 3D

    Solution for 3D + Control identification

  • Dakota

    COmponent inspection in foam or plastic injection



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3D inspection system of components in injection molds

Detection of missing / misplaced components

Userfriendly setup through graphical user interface

Resolution 0,5mm in X,Y et Z


On-the-fly 24/7 operation


Module Gips4 : Quality control on digital displays

   Many site worlwide, 
   in automotive electronics or cellular phones industry

   About 150 licences sold.

   Hundreds of product references inspected. 


3D + Color Identification

  3D + Color System desing and installation

  multi-criteria driven recognition of a model 
  in a huge database of hundreds of references


Turn-key solutions : Vision systemes

  Solution design

  Specific application development

  Deployment, Commissioning

  User training


Gips4 / Pixy

Trainable software tool
dedicated to on-line testing of digital displays :
Luminosity,  color,  shape,  location, aspect
on LCD, TFT, dashboards, Leds,
light signals, symbols, keyboards...

Gips4 / Graduel

Tainable software tool
dedicated to on-line testing of analog displays :

Angle or aligment measurement,
Position checking, dimension,

on pointers, speedometers, clocks,
jauges, manometers, mechanical parts


Consulting & Know-how
  Requirements analysis

  Specification Solution design
  Cost analysis, performances assessment


Studies & development
  System design
  Integration or adaptation of off-the-shelf elements
  Software design and specific development

  Dedicated user-oriented graphical interfaces design


On site assistance & training
  Integration assessment, site implementation
  System deployment
  Commissioning, test procedure and certification,
  Factory on site acceptance
  Assistance for production rate raising 
  Training ( production / process / engineering )