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Martine MAURY

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33, avenue du Maréchal-de-Lattre-de-Tassigny
Le Péripole Lot 209-210
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ISO 9001 version 2008
Equipment categories :
Welding, brazing, cutting / Packaging

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Guilbert Express, as always highly focussed on its environment, is concentrating on opening up new markets. Its objective, now and always, is to adapt to new professional uses, both those of today and those of tomorrow.



Express brand products are used by numerous professionals operating in very varied activity sectors:




High performance tools used by:



•    Building and public works finishing trades : confinement, roofing, sealing, as well as electrical;

•    Plumbing professionals : brazing, soldering;
•    Industrial activity sectors : packaging, logistics;
•    Agriculture and green spaces activity sectors : de-horning using the cattle and goat horn removal tools, removal of hair from cows’ udders, weed-removal.


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  • Vulcane Express gas blow torch with its Carrying Case Ref. 470
    Vulcane Express gas blow torch, plumbing and welding accessory: Carrying Case Ref. 470
    This elegant plastic carrying case is used to transport the Vulcane Express gas blow torch Ref. 472 as well as numerous blow torch plumbing accessories, including one propylene gas cartridge Ref. 2400, making this a truly powerful and exceptional product.

  • Soldering iron metal case Ref. 6364

    The roofer hoseless soldering iron metal case set includes a roofer soldering iron, Réf. 364.

    This roofer soldering iron is very quiet and its piezo ignition allows immediate utilisation in all positions, with a tip that is orientable through 360° and can be angled ± 5°.
    Suitable for zinc, copper, stainless steel, zinc with patina, lead.

  • Sirocco hot air roofing torch 4010

    The Sirocco torch, developed by Guilbert Express research and development, is the brand new roofing torch , with no visible flame, developed by Express.

  • Rafale Black Edition shrinkforming gun 65 kW

    Guilbert Express Rafale Black Edition shrinkforming gun 65 kW is a shrinkforming heat gun.

  • RAPTOR torch with piezo ignition, safety handle and quick release coupling for handle.
    Lightweight (< 500 g), to avoid repetitive strain injury, quick and easy to set up with its interchangeable burners and a quick fitting for connecting the torch in just one click, RAPTOR, the Express Roofing Torch, is the only one to have a safety handle: the roofing torch is turned off when the roofer releases the trigger.
    And there are no more residual flames, which are do often the reason why fires start on construction sites!

    The torch’s noise levels are less than all other current torches!
    The flame technology helps to keep the temperature of the burner moderate.

  • Roofing torch Raptor Ref. 1029 with 2 burners : 70 and 90 kW

    Discover the Raptor roofing torch Ref. 1029 specially designed for upstands with burner 70 kW and 90 kW

  • Finish matt dark brown paint for weld beads Cat. No. 99615


    Roofers, we are proud to present a new  range of aerosol paints for coloring your weld identical zinc plates used in your projects cover.

    Very easy to iuse, just use spray paint in a traditional way, about 15 cm cord to hide.
    We identified the preferred colors of architects. They are the ones that we offer today.

    You will find these sprays at your local dealer.
    Do not hesitate to consult for more information.



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How to use the roofing torch of Guilbert Express

How to use the roofing torch of Guilbert Express Ref.369/8 or 369/9