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ISO 9001 - ISO 13485
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CAHOUET S.A.S. is independent French company based in Montreuil (suburbs of Paris), manufacturing the equipment for industrial, medical, food and special gas/liquid handling under low and high pressure.

Over 80 years of experience and know-how, allow CAHOUET to create new products, always in conformity with the latest international standards (ISO 9001, ISO13485, CE, π).


CAHOUET, is above all :

  • Experienced and qualified team
  • Large and complete range of high-quality products to suit your needs
  • Creative and high-performance company

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  • High Flow Automatic Change- Over Unit

    The high flow automatic change- over unit enables an uninterrupted gas supply from 2 groups of cylinders or bundles to a pipeline system and up to 200 Nm3 (N2)

  • Flexible hoses

    The high pressure assembled hoses are specially designed to transfer, with total safety, the gas from one cylinder or one bundle to an installation or a pipeline system and enable any other type of transfers of gas under pressure. (ex : collector to change over).


    There are 4 versions according to gas and they can be used with any permanent or liquefied gas, acetylene included.

  • Pressure regulator

    Single stage - Line type

    Not very sensitive to inlet pressure variations, this line of 4 differents products is specifically designed for the regulation of a pipeline system.

    For all non corrosive gas, oxygen, acetylen, propane and buane included.

  • Cylinder single stage regulator

    Single stage - Cylinder type regulator


    For all non corrosive gas, oxygen and acetylen included.

    This regulator is particulary recommended for the supply of industrial equipment (welding station, compressor...) needing stable pressures and average flow rates.


  • Automatic change over unit with manual reset

    This automatic change over unit enables an uninterrupted gas supply from 2 groups of cylinder or bundles to a distribution pipeline or production unit for up to 50 Nm3 (N2)

  • Flowmeter regulater

    Our flow meter regulater insures a fixed regulation and an easy and adjustable flow on the whole range of the dial.

    Thoses products are based on a Gauthier patent for paddles technology and are individually calibrated according to the gas or gas mixure.

    Those flowmeters are to be fitted on cylends and are intended to applications where the fine adjustment of a flow at atmospheric pressure is required.

  • Heaters

    Heaters keep constant the gaseous phase of the liquefied gas cilynder for a good working order of the pipeline and equipment.

    Those heaters prevent the freezing up of the regulators.

    2 models are available from 500 to 1000 Watts and they are available for all gas needing a warming- up of its low temperature (CO2, Argon/CO2...), corrosive and flammable gas excluded.

  • Integrated regulating valve

    The integrated regulating cylinder valve VDi is dedigned to fit both 200 and 300 bar cylinders of gas and mixtures used in welding operations (oxygen, acetylen and inert shield gases).


    The VDi integrates in a single body 3 main functions:

    - shut- off valve

    - adjustable pressure regulatir

    - flowmeter


    and 4 secondary functions such as residual pressure device, filling connector with built- in check valve, gas content indicator and safety valve.



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