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Laurent CLAUDE

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143, avenue du Général-de-Gaulle
Tel. 01 41 19 33 33
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ISO 9001 version 2008
Equipment categories :
Measurement & control / Assembly

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O.P. GLOBE offers a comprehensive range of industrial tools, tightening systems and torque control equipment dedicated to the major mechanical industries. O.P. GLOBE has been the sole importer and distributor of BOSCH and BOSCH-REXROTH industrial tools in France for more than 30 years.

Major lines of products :

- BOSCH industrial air tools

- BOSCH industrial cordless screwdrivers

- BOSCH-REXROTH tightening systems

- URYU pulse screwdrivers

- KOLVER precision electric screwdrivers

- JAEGER handling solutions

- SARISSA positioning systems

- JLT screw feeding systems

- SR Torque torque wrenches

- NGINERIC torque and angle intelligent sensors

- DSM press-fit systems

- GLOBE decoring hammers

- F+K pneumatic hammers

- E2 SYSTEMS drilling units

- Workplace automation

Our teams are available for our customers in the automobile industry (car manufacturers, car part manufacturers, line builders). They also bring their expertise and services to the aircraft industry, the railway industry, the agricultural equipment industry as well as any other industry using industrials tools.