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Xavier LUCAS

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Rue Henry Bessemer
Z.I. Acti-Est
Tel. 02 51 45 47 00
Fax 02 51 46 10 91

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Industrial robotics / CNC / Assembly

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Founded in 1973, Sepro was one of the first companies in the world to develop Cartesian CNC robots for plastic injection molding machines.
SEPRO is the First robot manufacturer in France, N°1 in the European and North American markets and in the Top 3 worldwide.
Based in La Roche sur Yon (France), the company is present in 50 countries around the world with a network of 8 subsidiaries in Germany, Spain, Benelux, the United Kingdom, the United States, Mexico, Brazil and China and is represented by a network of 40 exclusive distributors. 
SEPRO employs 400 people of 17 different nationalities, 100 of which in their foreign subsidiaries.

In 2014, under the "Your Free Choice in Robots" slogan, the company achieved a turnover of 79.2 million Euro and exported 90% of its production with 45% outside Europe.

SEPRO works with the big names in the automotive, multimedia and packaging industries and has equipped more than 25,000 injection molding machines worldwide.


Sepro's know-how :

- Sepro equips all kinds of injection molding machines, new or existing machines of all sizes and all brands
- 3-axis robots (Success, S5 Line, Strong, S7 Line), 5-axis robots (5X Line, 7X Line, 5DualArm) and 6-axis (6X Visual) robots controlled by the same Visual control system
- Automation : insert placing, IML, overmolding, complex stacking applications
- Service : spare parts, maintenance and training.


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  • Succes

    Succes - 3-axis robots Universal

    Touch 2

    For IMM from 20 to 1000 tons

  • S5 line

    S5 Line - 3-axis robot Technological

    Visual 2

    For IMM from 30 to 800 tons

  • Generation 4

    Generation 4 - 3-axis robot Technological

    Visual 2

    For IMM from 500 to 5000 tons

  • 5X line

    5X line - 5-axis robot Premium

    Visual 3

    For IMM from 30 to 800 tons

  • 6X Visual

    6X Visual - 6-axis robot Premium

    Visual 3

    For IMM from 20 to 4000 tons

  • Visual

    Visual, the universal control platform

    Developed by Sepro for injection molding machines

    Touch 2 - Visual 2 - Visual 3