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Carl Zeiss has two laboratories in the west and east of France. These two entities, are subsidiaries of Carl Zeiss provides a range of measurement services in laboratory or on the customer site. Learn more:



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Carl Zeiss Industrial Metrology is a leading manufacturer of multidimensional metrology solutions since 35 years : 1- such as point-to-point and scanning coordinate measuring machines in order to control technical parts dimensions, contours, shape and relief ; 2- optical and non contact measurement systems; 3- tridimensional tomography (X-ray) measurements solutions for a non destructive control and analysis of the parts. We also provide a wide range of accessories and measurement software and a large service offer. The Carl Zeiss Group is a leading group of companies operating worldwide in the optical and optoelectronic industries. Carl Zeiss offers innovative solutions for the future-oriented markets of Medical and Research Solutions, Industrial Solutions, Eye Care and Lifestyle Products.


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New O-INSPECT 322 : Small Yet Large

The O-INSPECT line from Carl Zeiss is growing: the O-INSPECT 322 coordinate measuring machine is now available. It is the smallest system with which Carl Zeiss is expanding the range of applications of its coordinate measuring machines. The system unites contact ZEISS scanning and optical measuring. This combi- nation is now available in two sizes: O-INSPECT 322 and the original O-INSPECT 442. Both machines use the same sensors and function; the difference is in the measuring range. In many industries, the parts being inspected are no bigger than a hand, e.g. a mobile phone case or dentures. The O-INSPECT 322 is now available for the measurement of these parts. The measu- ring range is somewhat smaller (300 x 200 x 200) mm, but the system is also more affordable compared to other O-INSPECT machines.

DuraMax® as Gear Wheel Measuring Machine with Rotary Table

With DuraMax® RT Gear, Carl Zeiss has developed a special compact-class gear wheel horizontal-arm measuring machine. Now featuring a rotary table, it fits into any small or large workshop, is suitable for inline process control and thus close to production. A precision system turns the workpiece with the corresponding side facing the stylus. This allows the stylus system to capture, e.g. the geometry of the gear wheel in a simple process without having to repeatedly travel to a new position.

With the MICURA coordinate measuring machine, Carl Zeiss is setting new standards in the compact class.

The MICURA coordinate measuring machine from Carl Zeiss meets user demands for smaller coordinate measuring machines that are as accurate as their larger relatives but offer a price advantage. This measuring machine is considerably more affordable thanks to the smaller measuring range. Nonetheless, with a measuring range of 500 x 500 x 500 millimeters, it is still the largest in this class. The parts in industrial manufacturing, such as artificial hips, gear wheels, optical lens elements and shafts with narrow tolerances, are becoming increasingly compact while the requirements on accuracy are rising. With MICURA, the measuring technology needed to complete these jobs is now available.