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Stéphane CREPET

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Allee des PINSONS
83600 FRÉJUS
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Software editor in data management M.E.S. and Manufacturing Intelligence, we offer our expertise in industrial data processing.


Productys is aimed at companies specializing in production, processing and packaging for the Industry. The strategy was born from a practical observation: every industrial company is looking to improve its competitiveness. while field decisions are taken without any real measure of the established capacities. 


Productys Solutions assist all manufacturers at every stage of the production chain : from the planning to OFs execution and quality control to performance analysis (automated process or not).


Our goal is to contribute to the improvement of productivity, reduction of non-quality or production stoppages of time to increase the profitability of our Customers by offering a simple, configurable, economic and evolutionary range of software.

  • Productys MES & LES Mobile - Manufacturing & Logistic Execution System

    Launch and follow-up of mobile production for the industrial world. Planning, launching, quality control, monitoring and qualification of shutdowns, traceability, inventory, indicators and reporting.


    Plan, assign and fine-tune your production resources before launching your orders.


    Control, qualify and then store your components, modules and products with a follow-up and qualification of stops and defaults.


    Measure your performance, edit your reports and display in real time your main indicators of progress for maximum reactivity in zero waiting and zero paper.