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New Stäubli Robotics Suite

PC software suite for robotics application development and maintenance

Collision detection with highlighting of the colliding elements

Stäubli announces the release of the new Stäubli Robotics Suite version 2013. Stäubli Robotics Suite is an integrated Development, Simulation and Maintenance environment running in a Windows® platform, which facilitates the development of robotic applications.

The innovative Stäubli Robotics Suite features a new single window presentation with ribbons like ones seen in recent Windows updates, making it very intuitive yet powerful to use with all functions readily accessible. Stäubli Robotics Suite version 2013 includes two integrated modules, Development Studio and Maintenance Studio.

Development Studio is a software workbench for robotics application development and 3D simulation.

Maintenance Studio is designed for maintenance personnel and provides advanced functionalities to perform diagnostic operations.

To meet the growing needs of businesses with increasingly advanced robotic solutions, Stäubli Robotics is committed to continued development of software products that perform and are easy to use.