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CELLIER - as an activity of ABB Process Automation in France - designs, builds and starts up turnkey industrial units for the management, receipt, preparation and dosing of process or functional chemicals. These chemicals are used in manufacturing processes of paper, board and tissue for printing and writing, packaging and hygienic applications.
These sophisticated installations are designed to optimise the use of chemicals adding value to the base sheet by enhancing the quality while complying with technical requirements (printability, brightness, etc.), as well as improving the paper machine runability.
Application fields: de-inking, stock preparation (wet-end), coating colour preparation and sizing (coating kitchen, working station) - batch and in-line technologies -, treatment of coating effluents.
Associated services: audit of existing facilities, staff training, maintenance, spare parts.


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  • Powder silos and batch mixer type Dispercel

  • Continuous starch cooking unit

  • Coating colour kitchen

  • Papcel TM control system

  • Treatment unit for coating effluents

    Treatment unit for coating effluents using centrifugation

  • Skidded unit for in-line coating colour preparation

    Skidded unit for in-line coating colour preparation



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ABB integrate in a continuous process the coating colour preparation and the treatment of coating effluents

Cellier Activity of ABB France located in Aix-Les-Bains, France, is the Centre Of Excellence for the supply of chemical delivery systems for the paper industry and has developed over 50 years innovating processes for the preparation of coating colour and the treatment of effluents.

Mainly adapted to special papers, monotype coatings or pigmented coatings, the continuous coating colour preparation system supplied and optimized by the engineers of Cellier Activity is the perfect reply to the needs of paper manufacturers in terms of production flexibility, reduction of operational costs and of coating effluents. It consists in the continuous mixing of the raw materials, while observing the necessary and optimum retention time in order to obtain a homogeneous and high quality product. Associated with an online quality control system, this process guarantees with accuracy the required characteristics of coating colours, such as concentration, viscosity, pH and temperature.

In order to enhance their offer, with the aim of reducing the production costs, Cellier Activity of ABB France has developed a continuous treatment system for coating effluents. Based on the centrifugation of the effluents coming from the coating kitchen or final stations, this technology enables the recovery of high value chemicals (carbonate, latex, etc.) in order to re-introduce them into the manufacturing process of coated paper. With this system, the treatment costs of coating effluents in the waste water plant of the paper mill are thus drastically reduced.


ABB successfully starts up the starch preparation unit and working stations of SAICA’s new PM11 at Partington mill, UK

Cellier Activity of ABB France successfully started up the enzymatic starch preparation unit and film press working stations supplied to the Spanish Group SAICA for its new paper machine PM11 built at Partington mill (Manchester), United Kingdom. The PM11 is an 8.2 m wide machine, designed to produce approx. 400,000 tons of lightweight test liner and fluting grades out of 100% recycled raw materials, at a speed of 1,700 m/mn. The starch preparation unit is designed to produce 150 tons per day of bone dry starch.