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Mohamed DAMAK

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23D rue Denis Papin
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GEOMNIA is an agile innovative company founded in July 2009 with specific know-how and core skills in 3D metrology, software engineering, micro and nano-scale mecatronics metrology systems engineering, and process optimization by software and measuring.


GEOMNIA develops and delivers innovative metrology software applications, measurement high-end devices and engineering solutions for high geometric quality of products, machines and processes for advanced manufacturing in harsh production environments, where increased complexity , and reduced tolerances, require ever smaller measurement uncertainties, shorter measuring time, increased information content and production integrated metrology.

Our products and services are intended for various applications as diverse as fully automated (in production line) and 100% reliable 3D inspection and products assessment, tool paths automatically realignment, adjustment and adaptation on 3D complex shape parts, guidance and peripheral identification for robotic applications as well as ultraprecision metrology solution (nano and micro-range uncertainty)…

In all of these areas, we offer innovative and superior products and services that meet our customers’ and partners’ critical demands not addressed by current solutions and we support them very reactively in their effort to improve their Quality Control (QC) Process, influence their production system using 3D metrology and their R&D efforts.


GEOMNIA operates mainly in three areas of activity :

  • Dimensional in-process embedded Metrology : Software and precision mechatronics metrology systems design;
  • Reliability of adaptive manufacturing processes with measurement and softwares;
  • R&D, Expertise and service in dimensional metrology, precision mechanics and robotics.

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  • Robotic and CNC paths realignment and adaptation

  • 3D Metrology Software Plateform

  • Dimensional In-Process Metrology

  • 3D Metrology Machine